My fiction has been described as a "collection of words, comprised of letters, systematically arranged on a page." I honed my craft at the University of Wollongong, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

I'm inspired by the fiction of Mary Gaitskill, Margaret Atwood, Raymond Carver, Gillian Mears, Don Delillo, Michael Chabon, Annie Proulx, Joyce Carol Oates and T. C. Boyle.

My Family is from Nowhere

Iridium Zine, Vol. 1, 2018

These stories together do well to reflect the complicated times we live in, as well as those in our collective past, with humour, imagination and sensitivity
— Laura James, ArtsHub, Review of The Best Australian Stories 2017
These stories push and pull at our hearts, demanding entry into their chambers
— Maxine Benaba Clarke, Editor, The Best Australian Stories 2017


Tincture, Issue 19 (2017)

Biscuits I have known and loved: A micro-memoir

Going Down Swinging, No. 37 (2016)

They’re stories that’ll walk straight up to up to you and begin, without preamble, to tell you something good.
— Matt Harnett, co-editor, Going Down Swinging (Vol. 37)

Here are the answers to those questions you had

Let me know if this isn't what you wanted

Infinite Scroll, Vol V (2015)

One thing to smile about

The Big Issue (2013 Fiction Edition, No. 439)



My non-fiction has been described as a "bunch of facts organised in a semi-pleasing manner." I'm inspired by the non-fiction work of Helen Garner, Barbra Ehrenreich, Joe Bageant, Alain de Botton, Edmund White and Andrew O'Hagan,

My most recent non-fiction publications are listed below.

Unexpected Benefits of the Unfamiliar

The Victorian Writer (Dec-Jan 2017)


Awards and Acknowledgements

My story 'Numb' was shortlisted for the 2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Twenty-one stories were shortlisted, from more than 6000 entries, by an international judging panel.

Numb was also shortlisted for the 2017 Bridport Prize.

The extraordinary ability of the short story to plunge you into places, perspectives and emotions and inhabit them fully in the space of only a few pages is on dazzling display in this shortlist.
— Kamilia Shamsie, Chair of the 2017 Commonwealth Story Prize Judging Panel