is better late than never or is never better than late?

Contrary to popular belief, it depends entirely on the context.

would you?

Most likely not.

was it good while it lasted?

No. It was satisfactory and it hasn’t ended yet.

is it true that you once rode a horse naked along the streets of buenos aires?

No. I think you might be confusing that with the time I rode a bicycle along the backstreets of Wollongong. (As far as I can recall, I was not naked at the time).

ever wonder about the point of it all?

Never ever. No. Absolutely not. And how dare you even ask that question.

do you remember the first time you fell in love with your shoes?

I'm not sure I would call it 'falling in love.' It's more like a strong, abiding attachment.

if the bacteria in your gut could speak, do you ever wonder what it might say?

I can't say I do wonder about that, no.

cactus? any thoughts?

No. But thank you very much for asking.

what noise do goats make?

Apparently, goats bleat. I am unable to verify the extent to which the word 'bleat' accurately represents the sound made by goats.

is it true your mother was raised in a house?

Yes. That claim is entirely true.

do you sell stuff online?

No. If you are interested in purchasing book art, please contact me direct via the contacts page.